Other Contributions and Acknowledgements



Kent State University Libraries' TRAILS,
the blue-ribbon information literacy assessment
for Ohio students


WHEREAS, information literacy comprises a key skill set for our information-based society empowering an individual to find and evaluate information and to know how to use it responsibly; and


WHEREAS, these information literacy skills are critical elements for success through K-16 and into the world of work; and


WHEREAS, the Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA) recognizes Kent State University Libraries for providing significant leadership in the area of information literacy education for children and young adults in Ohio and beyond through the development of TRAILS (Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills), an online information literacy assessment instrument; and


WHEREAS, TRAILS provides an invaluable tool to profile student understanding of information literacy and to measure growth; and


WHEREAS, TRAILS has been administered by more than 2,100 school librarians in Ohio to over 186,000 students, as well as to nearly 1.2 million students nationwide; and


WHEREAS, the members of the OELMA stand firmly committed to providing high-quality learning opportunities so that every child can become an effective information seeker and be prepared to compete in a global economy; and


WHEREAS, OELMA endorses and supports TRAILS as an indispensable learning tool for students in Ohio.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, SUSAN YUTZEY, OELMA President, at the request and in conjunction with the OELMA Board, have hereto set my hand and proclaim TRAILS as the blue-ribbon information literacy assessment for Ohio students.

Proclaimed at the OELMA Annual Conference on this the 16th of October 2013.

Susan Yutzey, OELMA President


Special Acknowledgement

Our thanks to all of the library media specialists in Ohio and from across the country who have generously given of their time to field test and provide input on various stages of TRAILS development. They and their students have our gratitude. The project could not have gone forward without their assistance.

Julie A. Gedeon, Ph.D., (now Director of Assessment and Accreditation, University of Akron, College of Education) has our appreciation for the role she played on the TRAILS team from 2006 through 2012 as the assessment specialist and for her many contributions during key phases of TRAILS development.

We also wish to acknowledge the support and advice we received from our colleagues on the Project SAILS team at Kent State University. It has meant a great deal.


Initial Development of TRAILS, 2004-2005

Barbara F. Schloman, Ph.D., Project Director (Professor and Associate Dean Public Services, Kent State University Libraries)
David L. Bird, Software Engineer
Gayle Geitgey, Consultant (School Library Media Specialist for Urbana High School in Urbana, Ohio)
Lisa O’Connor, Consultant (Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science)
Christina Sent, former ILILE Project Coordinator
Ann Tepe, Consultant (INFOhio and Hamilton/Clermont Cooperative Association in Cincinnati, Ohio)


TRAILS-6 Development, 2007-08

Cinda Dehner, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist Bissell Elementary School, Twinsburg, Ohio)
Gayle Dill, Item Consultant (Media Specialist Parkview Intermediate School, Fairview Park, Ohio)
Michelle Smart, Item Consultant (Media Specialist East Woods School, Hudson, Ohio)
Annette Speidel, Item Consultant (Coordinator, Library Media Services, Library Media Specialist Ravenna High School/Brown Middle School, Ravenna, Ohio)
Wendy Baker Torrence, Project Consultant


TRAILS-3 Development, 2009-10

Cinda Dehner, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist Bissell Elementary School, Twinsburg, Ohio)
Gayle Dill, Item Consultant (Media Specialist Fairview High School/LFM Middle School, Fairview Park, Ohio)
Kristen Roope, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist, Fernway Elementary School, Boulevard Elementary School, Shaker Heights, Ohio)
Michele Soeder, Item Consultant, (Library Media Specialist, Hilltop
Elementary School, Beachwood, Ohio)


TRAILS-6 Revision, 2009-10

Cathie Cooper, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist, Adena Local School District,  Frankfort, Ohio)
Gayle Schmuhl, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist, Ford Middle School, Brook Park, Ohio)


TRAILS-9 Revision, 2009-10

Judy Brown, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist , Caldwell Exempted Village Schools, Caldwell, Ohio)
Linda Locker, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist,  Diley Middle School,  Pickerington, Ohio)
Nate Closser, Marketing Intern (Kent State University, Managerial Marketing, Kent, Ohio)


TRAILS-12 Development, 2009-10

Paula Baco, Item Consultant (Library Media Specialist, Trumbull Career and Technical Center, Warren, Ohio)
Joanna McNally, Item Consultant (High School Librarian/K-12 District Library Coordinator, South-Euclid/Lyndhurst Schools, Lyndhurst, Ohio)
Cherie Pandora, Item Consultant (High School Librarian/K-12 Coordinator, Rocky River City Schools, Rocky River, Ohio)
Marie Sabol, Item Consultant (Library/Media Coordinator, Hudson City School District, Hudson, Ohio)
Sue Subel, Item Consultant (District Library Media Specialist, Kenston High School, Chagrin Falls, Ohio)